About the Video Reports

The video reports on this ILSI-BioMed Israel On-Demand site are a compilation of interviews, event coverage, special feature reports, and short company profiles, all produced by IsraelHighTech.TV (IHT.TV) about Israel’s incredible biomedical industry. Most of the footage was recorded at the ILSI-BioMed Israel 2007 Conference and Expo in June, while interviews with members of the ILSI-BioMed Israel 2007 steering committee were recorded just prior to the event.

These reports, including personal interviews with Israeli and global life science industry thought-leaders, are exclusive IHT.TV productions, and we are pleased to bring them to you. Over the coming months, as we approach BioMed Israel 2008, we will continue to post more reports from BioMed 2007, as well as additional profiles of Israeli life science companies. Please check back regularly to view this new material.